Monday, January 2, 2017

Monday, August 1, 2016

I Know, It has been a while since last visit. There is something in this post for all. We go from (maybe not in this order) Arachnoids, to Mammals, reptiles, a few birds, a flower or two ....Okay You get the picture.. Enjoy

Bull Frog

Least Bittern flew up for his photo.

There goes the Least Bittern...

Common Night Hawk

Common Night Hawk

Common Night Hawk

Large Dragon Fly Hatch after rain fall 

Reddish Egret on the South edge of the refuge

Golden Silk Spider at Skillern Tract 

chick Moorhouse Hen, I think.

Alligator feeding on small catfish

Alligator chomping into a  school  of catfish

Finally got to the main course

Momma frowns as she protects a little one

Western CottonMouth...I think...With it's mouth shut.