Friday, January 1, 2010

The fog was heavy and wildlife activity was
where you found it.

The Volunteers, Engineers, Rangers and many
more key groups have been working to repair
the damage(s) incurred by 1st Katrina and
the later Ike (hurricanes). The people restoring
the site are doing a great job. I pass through
here two three times a year. There is a remarkable
difference since my last visit in August.

Looking for landing strip..

Where they landed..Ibis..Rosios, Egret and I think a Heron

See forever?

The predator birds were out in force. With the heavy fog, the Owls , Hawks and Falcons were everywhere.

Bittern a lookin for food.

I see something!


How many different kinds of birds do you see?
I see four!


Another fisherman...